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      A digital drawing of the French SSN "Perle" inspired by the official tampion of the ship. 

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      The Ruby Class is a class of six Nuclear Attack Submarines launched in the early 1980s, and still in service today. Their mission: submarine warfare, escorting convoys (SSBN, aircraft carriers, etc.) and electronic intelligence.

      Replacing the classic Agosta-type submarines, the Rubis are the smallest nuclear submersibles in the world, thanks to a particularly compact nuclear boiler. Proof of French know-how, both in design and maintenance, they are still in active service even though the seed will soon be approaching 40 years.

      The Pearl is the sixth and last in the series. Launched in 1990, it was admitted to active service in 1993. It directly benefited from the improvements known as "AMETHYST" (bow in "yellowfin" shape, enveloping gangway bridge and technical improvements).

      It is the newest and most modern of the S.N.A. first generation.

      However, the submarine was the victim in Toulon on June 12, 2020 of a major fire which ravaged its front part. Then in IPER, the Pearl was emptied of its nuclear fuel and most of its equipment. Despite everything, the fire that raged for nearly 14 hours greatly weakened its thick hull.

      Decision was taken on October 22, 2020 to have the submarine repaired in Cherbourg, using the front part of the "Saphir", her newly decommissioned sister-ship. Operations should start in 2021

      These submarines, nearly 74 meters long and 2,400 tonnes, carry 68 crew members for missions sometimes longer than three months. They are equipped with wire-guided F17 torpedoes, mines and EXOCET SM39 missiles. The S.N.A. Rubies can also deploy commando teams as close as possible to the coast.

      This poster comes from a series of 6 posters, directly inspired by the tampion of each building.

      A tampion was originally a wooden stopper intended to protect artillery from moisture. Nowadays, it is a decorative object bringing together the symbols and strong values ​​of the building it represents.

      The poster was produced using Procreate and Ipad Pro in 2020.

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      Le plus beau bateau!

      4 ans sur ef fier vaisseau. J'ai pris également le poster de l'Emeraude vu de profil qui rend très bien.

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        Poster SSN Perle


        A digital drawing of the French SSN "Perle" inspired by the official tampion of the ship. 

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