Poster tampion french frigate aconit

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      A vintage poster inspired by the official tampion of the frigate Aconit

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      The frigate Aconit, the fourth ship of the La Fayette class of the French Navy, belongs to a series of five units, alongside the ships La Fayette, Surcouf, Courbet and Guépratte. Its visual callsign is F713, and it is sponsored by the city of Chalon-sur-Saône. It perpetuates the traditions of the corvette Aconit and the frigate Aconit (D609). Its pennant bears the decorations of the Cross of Liberation, the Croix de guerre 1939-1945 and the Resistance medal, while its bowsprit flag reflects those of the Free French Naval Forces (FNFL).

      The La Fayette type frigates, of which the Aconit is a part, were designed primarily to preserve the maritime interests of the French State in overseas areas. However, they are also suitable for various missions, including integration into intervention forces, the protection of maritime traffic, the accompaniment of carrier battle groups, as well as special or humanitarian operations.

      Aconit took part in several major operations:

      - In 2009, she took part in Operation Tanit off Somalia.

      - In 2011, she joined Operation Harmattan in Libya.

      - In 2012, she was deployed off the Somali coast as part of the piracy prevention mission (Operation Atalanta).

      - In 2015, it evacuated 25 people from Yemen and transferred them to Diksmuide on their way to Djibouti due to the conflict in Yemen.

      - In 2016, she contributed to the fight against piracy in the Indian Ocean within the combined task force 150.

      - In 2018, she participated in Operation Sofia, involving the rescue of migrants off the coast of Libya, having saved the lives of 106 migrants during a joint operation with foreign forces.

      L'Aconit has been decorated with the Green Fourragère of the Order of Liberation since June 18, 1996, as well as the Green Fourragère striped with Red of the Croix de Guerre 1939-1945.

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      Poster tampion french frigate aconit


      A vintage poster inspired by the official tampion of the frigate Aconit

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